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Renovation of Heecon machinery

We receive reguarlerly request for used machinery. Most of the time, we can’t be of any means for most companies because we use only the bigger machinery ourselves. These are price wise not very interesting for growers. In some cases though, we can get our hands on a small machine like a Heecon Special II Chopper from one of our customers, because they are buying a newer or bigger model. In the smallest cases, we sell our own machines to contract workers or growers who want to put the investment in a bigger machine. This gives us the opportunity to keep our machinery up to date. This year, we sold 2 of our older machines, a Heecon Gignat IV and a Heecon Big Chopper. We built a Heecon Multi Gigant III in replace, with a 200 HP John Deere engine. This machine is suited for chopping strawberry and other soft fruit crops and to remove leaves and rockwool for tomatocrops. Currently we are building a Heeocn Big Chopper with a 250 HP Ad Blue Final Tier IV engine for the tomato crops and other vegetable crops.

By renewing the machinery, we can guarantee the reliability and flexibilty of our company for our customers, for which we are known off. We are very greatful and happy for the trust and loyalty of our customers.