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Big Chopper

The Heecon Big Chopper is our biggest machine, suitable for chopping tomatoes, bell peppers and cucumbers. The machine has 300 HP, which makes it our most powerful machine. A Big Chopper is often purchased by contract workers or horticulturalists with a very large crop area.

Combined with other machines

The Big Chopper is only suitable for chopping. A transporter or press will have to be purchased in order to mechanically clear a complete crop rotation. This also makes it possible to clear out mats and foliage.

Remote control

If you like to control the Heecon Big Chopper remotely, you can purchase the optional remote control system at an additional cost. The advantage is that the operator does not stand next to the machine but can have a better overview from a safe distance, away from the machine and any dust.

Contact us

Do you want to use the Heecon Big Chopper to shred crops? Contact us for more information about the possibilities. Our specialists will be happy to help you and can provide you with expert advice where necessary. Our contract workers are involved throughout our mechanisation development process, which means they know all the details of our machines and can share their knowledge with you. We are happy to discuss your ideas with you.

ruler heecon
Size Lengte 2300mm / Breedte 1900 mm / Hoogte 2500 mm
size heecon
Afmeting rups Length 2000mm / Width 1200mm
Capacity 5000m / 12000m / hour
Motor version John Deere - Emission performance Stage V (Final Tier 4)
Drain version Blow pipe
Hydraulic system Mechanical
Attachments Toolbox, LED-lighting
Options Tipping container for forklift or shovel, Transport mats and tubes
weight heecon
Weight 5000kg

Options and accessories


Tool box
Bunker trailer
Set of spare blades


Tipping container for forklift or shovel
Transport mats and tubes