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Heecon G1 Press & Chopper

Heecon G1 Press

The Heecon G1 Press is a machine, driven by a tractor, with an auger which compresses the crops to one side. You can use the press to roll out short-stem crops and to clear mats or foliage from long-stem crops.

The advantages of the Heecon G1 Press

The advantage of this machine is that the press auger compresses the material, creating a more compact waste heap. This can result in a volume reduction of 20-40%.

Heecon G1 Chopper

The Heecon G1 Chopper is the same as the G1 Press but instead of a press this machine has a chopping unit to shred the crop. It can shred various short-stem crops, such as strawberries.

Difference between the Heecon G1 Chopper and Combi Chopper

The difference between the Heecon G1 Chopper and the Combi Chopper is that the Combi Chopper is only suitable for long-stem crops. The G1 is a drum shredding unit with twelve blades. Unlike the G1, the Combi Chopper is a disk chopper with a chopping unit disk with two blades.

Contact us

For questions about the Heecon G1 Chopper or one of our other machines, please contact the Heecon BV team. Our specialists have a lot of experience in working with our machinery and can therefore provide you with expert advice. You can reach us via or by phone. We are happy to discuss your ideas with you.


ruler heecon
Size Lengte 3000mm / Breedte 1800mm / Hoogte 1500mm
weight heecon
Gewicht 5500kg
size heecon
Size caterpillar n.a. (2 wheels)
Capacity 4000m / hour
Motor version Powered by tractor
Drain version Mortar
Hydraulic system Mechanical
Attachments Fork and sleigh, LED-lighting

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Fork and sleigh