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Mat Washer

Cleaning the transport mats with the Heecon Mat Washer

Transport mats are used during crop rotation in the greenhouse. The mats are placed in the rows and are then pulled towards the shredder together with the old crop. This method is used to remove the old crop from the greenhouse and make room for the new crop.

Why do you have to clean foliage transport mats?

When you are going to place your new crop in your greenhouse, it is wise to clean the foliage transport mats first. This ensures you have clean mats, so that they reflect more light. It also guarantees a longer lifespan of your mats. Heecon offers you the possibility to clean your mats using the Heecon Mat Washer. Would you rather wash the mats on site? You can also rent the Heecon Mat Washer. This allows you to clean the mats easily, quickly and on site, to then quickly continue with the crop rotation.

Choose the Heecon Mat Washer

The Heecon Mat Washer is used to clean foliage transport mats and is available in various models. For example, you can choose a mat washer with 1, 2 or 3 sets of brushes, driven by the tractor’s hydraulics, with a hydraulic unit driven by the tractor’s PTO or even with a hydraulic unit driven by a John Deere engine. With the Heecon Mat Washer, you can easily clean and reuse your foliage transport mats.

Contact us

Do you want to use the Heecon Mat Washer to clean all your foliage transport mats? Do not hesitate to contact us, free of obligation. We are happy to discuss your ideas with you and find a solution for your situation. You can also contact our specialists if you have another question about our machinery or contract work. You can contact them on You can also contact them by phone.


Size Lengte 3500mm / Hoogte 2000mm / Breedte 1500mm
Gewicht 1100kg
Size caterpillar n.a.
Capacity 3.000 lm/hour
Motor version PTO of tracor (min 80 hp)
Drain version 2 sets of 2 brush rollers
Hydraulic system Mechanical
Attachments Safety walls, The spatula
Options Motorunit, Drive by chopper

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Options and attachements


Tool box


Bunker trailer
Tipping container for forklift or shovel
Set of spare blades
Transport mats and tubes
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