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Matt Unwinder

The Heecon Mat Unwinder makes it easy to neatly and easily unwind the transport mats in the rows of the greenhouse. We have a few different versions of this machine in our range. This enables us to provide different types of greenhouses with the correct and appropriate machines.

Contact us

Request a quote now or contact us for more information about the Heecon Mat Unwinder. Our specialists are happy to answer all your questions about our products. We can tell you more about the various versions available and can advise you on the right machine for your greenhouse.

Contract workers

You can also hire our contract workers. Because they are involved throughout the mechanisation development process, they can be of perfect service to you. They will also share their knowledge, so that your own team can get the most out of the mechanisation of Heecon.


Size Length 1500mm / Height 40mm / Width 35mm
Weight 10kg
Size caterpillar -
Capacity -
Motor version -
Drain version -
Hydraulic system -

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