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Mini Chopper

The Heecon Mini Chopper is a medium-sized chopper, suitable for the shredding of vegetable crops. This machine has a higher capacity compared to the Special II Chopper and a stronger 140 HP John Deere engine. This makes this machine more suitable for heavier crops, intermediate crops and crops that require supplemental lighting. It is also a smaller-sized machine, just like our Special II, and is easy to handle.

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For more information about the Heecon Mini Chopper, please contact us directly. Our team is happy to discuss your ideas with you! We can look at the best ways to use the machine in your greenhouse. You can also ask for more information on how our contract workers can support you with the work. They are involved throughout the development process and therefore know a lot about our machinery. They are happy to share this knowledge with you and your team. This ensures you can work with the Heecon Mini Chopper or one of our other machines in the most efficient way.

You can contact us on We are also available by phone to answer your questions.

Size Lengte 3500mm / Breedte 1800mm / Hoogte 2200mm
Gewicht 3000kg
Size caterpillar Width 230mm / Length 2000mm (Support base 1230mm outer size)
Capacity 6000m / uur
Motor version John Deere - Emission performance Stage IV (Final Tier 4)
Drain version Blow pipe
Hydraulic system Mechanical
Attachments Toolbox, LED-lighting
Options Tipping container for forklift or shovel, Transport mats and tubes

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Options and accessories


Tool box
Bunker trailer
Set of spare blades


Tipping container for forklift or shovel
Transport mats and tubes
Conveyor belt instead of blow pipe