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What is a Sleigh?

The Heecon Sleigh is a buffer machine, especially designed to be used with the Heecon MC 140, Heecon MC 225 or the Heecon G series with a press to remove leaves or rock wool. If you are looking for a buffer machine for use in the greenhouse, the Heecon Sleigh is the perfect solution. In combination with our other machines, it makes crop rotation a lot easier.

Other crops

In addition to foliage or rock wool, it is also possible to roll out other plant crops, such as bell peppers, aubergines, cucumbers, flowers, and soft fruit plants. This makes the Heecon Sleigh a very efficient machine for in the greenhouse.

Request a quote

Are you curious about the possibilities of the Heecon Sleigh or one of our other products in your greenhouse? Our specialists are happy to give you expert advice. Because they are involved throughout the mechanisation development process, they are able to give the right advice and answer specific questions. Feel free to contact us or request a quote. We are happy to discuss your ideas with you.


Size Length 3000mm / Height 1500mm / Width 1500mm
Weight 1000kg
Size caterpillar -
Capacity 6,75m3
Motor version -
Drain version Open side for clamp
Hydraulisch systeem -

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Options and attachments


Chain to attach to the shredder