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Tipper Skip

Make the removal of crop or substrate easier by using a Tipper Skip, also known as a tilting skip. Heecon supplies high-quality products to different types of companies in the horticultural sector, such as this high-quality hydraulic Tipper Skip. We are happy to tell you more about the product and what you can use it for.

What is a Tipper Skip?

A Tipper Skip or tilting skip helps you simplify the waste sorting process. You can easily remove or move a large amount of crop or substrate in one go. The forklift truck hydraulics lift the skip without any effort, making it a very efficient way of emptying it. It is a robust product that you can enjoy for years to come. The Heecon Tipper Skip is driven by a hydraulic system, as previously indicated. This means that the system is set in motion by means of oil which is put under pressure.

Advantages in horticulture

In addition to simplifying the waste disposal process, the Tipper Skip is also a way to keep your work environment clean. This creates a pleasant working environment for your employees without a lot of effort. This automatically improves safety, which is especially important in horticulture. You can use the Tipper Skip to clear out your greenhouses. If you need help and support, simply contact Heecon. We have the right machines and people to help you.

Contact us

Heecon has stood for quality and safety for 25 years. Through years of experience, we have continuously innovated our products, so that you can expect the best quality from us. Are you interested in our Tipper Skip or one of our other products? Do not hesitate to contact us, free of obligation. Our team is here to answer all your questions. You can contact us by mail or one of our other contact options.


ruler heecon
Size Lengte 1800mm / Hoogte 1800mm / Breedte 2000mm
weight heecon
Gewicht 500kg
size heecon
Size caterpillar -
Capacity 4 kuub
Motor version -
Drain version Front tilt flap
Hydraulic system Hydraulic forklift or shovel



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