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Transport Mats

What are the Heecon transport mats?

Heecon BV supplies high quality transport mats from various suppliers. We make a distinction between white and black transport mats. White transport mats are used for light-sensitive crops and can remain in place throughout the season, thanks to their high degree of reflection. The mats are also available in a black version, for crops that are not sensitive to light, and these usually do not stay on the ground in the greenhouse all season long, but are only used when the crops are cleared. In addition, we can supply the mats in various widths and thicknesses. These mats are placed in the rows during crop rotation. The crop, foliage or substrate are then placed on the transport mats and pulled towards the shredder.

Tubes for the transport mats

The tubes which the transport mats are wound onto are also of high quality. They have a wall thickness of 2.9mm and have two self-tapping screws. This type of screw is designed in such a way that it makes its own screw hole when it is turned. This ensures that the mats immediately grip onto the tube. In addition, the tubes have an 8mm strip with a width of 25mm on both sides. These tubes are much stronger than the tubes with round pins and cause much less wear and tear on the machines.

High quality

The transport mats are woven to the working width of the machine used for crop rotation. They can withstand the pulling power of our machines, and our contract workers are experts in working with the mats and the machines. To prevent contamination with diseases or viruses via the transport mats, you can use our Heecon Mat Washer.

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Are you curious about the possibilities of our transport mats or do you have other questions about our mechanisation? Contact us, free of obligation, via You can also contact us by phone. We are happy to discuss your ideas with you and can give you expert advice.


Size Width white cloth 1.00/1.10 / Width black cloth 1.00/1.10/1.30
Weight 130/160/180/220 gsm
Size caterpillar -
Capacity -
Motor version -
Drain version -
Hydraulic system -

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