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Heecon Tubes are used as the heart of the transport mats. With the help of these tubes, the transport mats can easily be wound up with our machines. This is not possible without the Heecon tubes.


The tubes have a wall thickness of 2.9mm and have 2 self-tapping screws so that the mats immediately grip onto the tube. There is also an 8mm strip with a width of 25mm on both sides. These tubes are much stronger than the tubes with round pins and cause much less wear and tear on the machines.

Combination with other machines

We offer various mechanisation options for crop removal, such as the Heecon G series or Heecon Transporters. Of course, it is possible to use our machines inside your greenhouse. We are happy to provide you with expert advice. You can contact us by sending an email to We are also available by phone to answer your questions.

Contract workers

Would you like to hire contract workers? Ask us at Heecon about the possibilities. Because our specialists are involved throughout the development process, they can support you in all activities and also share their knowledge with you. With the help of our contract workers, you will be able to make optimum use of the machines and easily carry out the work in your greenhouse.


Size Length 1500mm / Height 60,3mm / Width 2,9mm
Weight 6kg
Size caterpillar -
Capacity -
Motor version -
Drain version -
Hydraulic system -

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